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240.0 €


Hexagon is a clock that gives time using colored hexagon.

Configurable, it sets itself on time and follows timetables (like daylight saving time) changes automatically via a wifi connection to the internet.

It uses 88 leds to display hours, minutes and seconds. The color of each digit slowly changes over time.

Other features may be added over time, but there are no guarantees about that.

open source

The entire project (source code, box plan and electronic diagram) is under an open source license and available on gitlab.

The automatic time update via the NTP protocol according to the configured time zone is based on the ZoneTransition project. ZoneTransition manages the offset from UTC time and the dates of summer / winter time changes.

Contributions are welcome and playing with the platform is strongly encouraged. For this, the pins allowing the reprogramming of the micro controller are accessible (requires a usb <-> serial converter not included).

building and building time

Hexagon is handmade by me in my workshop on demand. Depending on whether I have the components in stock and other projects in progress, manufacturing times can vary from a few days to 2 months.

technical details

  • power supply: it requires a 5v 500mA power supply with microUSB connector. The power supply is not provided.
  • wifi: 802.11 b/g/n (2.4gHz only)
  • size: 277mm x 127mm x 60mm
  • weight: 275g
  • materials:
    • casing and internal structure are made of birch plywood
    • the light diffuser (between leds and letters) is made of recycled paper